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Import and distribution of classic cars from France, especially Citroen DS.


Auto-Collection-Henke is a one man show (one man and the help of his wife) which has been existing for almost 20 years. It was born out of the love for France and French vehicles. I am dedicated to the Citroen model DS which I collect myself and passionately drive. I always have several of these "goddesses" to offer some of which were standing in old barn houses before I have restored them either privately or on customer request. In addition to this I also offer vehicles with manageable restoration costs and diverse spare parts.
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I have been searching for cars in France and recently also in Spain. Since well-preserved Citroen DS models are becoming rare, I have extended my search to different Citroen models and car makes such as Peugeot or Renault. It must be provided, however, that both their chassis and bodies are in good condition.
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You are welcome to take a look at my vehicles and convince yourself of their good quality. In order to guarantee an individual customer advisory service, please arrange an appointment via telefone.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
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